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We are Boston College's only all-female a cappella group! Founded in 1990, we've recorded seven albums and are working on our eighth.

The Sharps were founded in 1990 as the only all-female a cappella group on campus at Boston College. Since then, we've become more than just a collection of singers. We are a polished and professional group of young women with a unique support system that helps us to guide each other throughout these four years. In addition to singing and entertaining on campus, we enjoy traveling around Boston and inviting other groups to perform with us. We are passionate about singing, but we are also dedicated to supporting and caring about each other. We've recorded seven albums, and are working on the release of our eighth album, hopefully for the beginning of 2013.

Twitter: @SHARPSacappella
Youtube: TheBCSharps
Myspace: BCSharps
Instagram: BCSharps
Spotify: Friend, "The BC Sharps"
Keek: SHARPSacappella

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