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Our weekly meetings are Monday 9PM in the Terrace Room, Paige Hall! Stop by for engaging discussion and baked goods!

We are Tufts' branch of Amnesty International. We help protect human rights all over the world by raising awareness.

check out our twitter: @TuftsAmnesty
email: tuftsamnestyinternational@gmail.com

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Exec Board
Co-Presidents: Shanan Kumar ('15) and CJ Ghanny ('15}
Co-Vice Presidents: Sharon Lam ('15) and Flora Cardoni ('16)
Treasurer: Maia Fulton-Black ('17)
Secretary: Robert Korycinski ('16)
External Liason: Jackie Faselt ('17)
On Campus Liason: Jewel Castle ('17)
Urgent Action Coordinator: Andrew Brieff ('15)
Freshman Outreach Coordinator: Kendall Todd ('16)

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