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We're the Tufts Entertainment Board, and we like to make you happy. We're the folks that put on the fall and spring comedy shows, organize trips to Sox and Celtics games, help put on Tuftonia's Day, bring in accomplished and interesting people to talk with us and more. If you want to win VIP meet 'n' greets with comedians and lecturers, free (or heavily discounted) tickets to games, or even just be the first to find out what's up our sleeves, like this page. We won't vomit all over your news feed. We also love outside ideas, so feel free to post yours up here.

If you want to help put on our events and need a killer boost to your resume (We promise to help you fluff it up, if need be), join us! We meet once a week, usually for just 20 minutes. We're really chill and small, so you'll always have valuable input as to who we book, what events we do, rides we get, everything. Plus you get free tickets and other goodies. Just shoot an email to Grace and Rebecca at tuftsentertainment@gmail.com if you're interested. We appreciate you making it to the end of this, so here's a little something for your trouble:


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