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Tufts Financial Group is an exclusively student-run investment portfolio worth approximately $130,000.

Founded in 2005, Tufts Financial Group (TFG) was established to help students learn successful investing techniques, build networks in finance, and provide practical knowledge to the Tufts community about the financial industry. To this end, Tufts Financial Group also serves as a resource to students on campus by hosting a number of educational and career related events throughout the academic year.

The primary endeavor of Tufts Financial Group is the Tufts Alpha Fund: an entirely undergraduate student-run investment portfolio established in 2007. Through management of the Fund, Tufts Financial Group provides invaluable hands-on investment experience to undergraduate students of all disciplines and levels of financial expertise. Members initially join as analysts within one of our small industry sectors, working under the guidance of a Lead Analyst. The main focus of these groups is to learn how to conduct research on companies and ultimately present stock pitches to the group. In these groups, students learn to apply the tools learned within their own discipline to the world of investment and finance.

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