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One of the nation's premier undergraduate history journals, the Tufts Historical Review celebrates the finest works of scholarship by students worldwide.

The flagship academic publication of the College of Arts & Sciences at Tufts University, the Tufts Historical Review is one of the leading principally-undergraduate academic journals of history in the United States. The Tufts Historical Review is distributed to a number of leading research institutions, including Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Library of Congress, Cornell University, Georgetown University, and the College of William & Mary. Submissions are received from more 30 major universities throughout the United States and United Kingdom. We invite you to submit your work to the Editorial Board for review.


The topic for the for the 2014-2015 academic year is: BLOOD

Blood is a symbol ubiquitous in the study of history – family, mortality, warfare, medicine – blood binds them together like a thread through the course of human development. As a symbol of war, blood and iron bound Germany; and as a symbol of family, blood crowned King Henry VIII. In a more literal sense, Prince Alexei’s disease of the blood brought Rasputin to court, and Hippocrates’ theory of humors defined medical practice for centuries.

And these, of course, are just a few examples. The Tufts Historical Review Editorial Board seeks outstanding articles – between 2,500 and 8,000 words – that explore our theme from a diverse array of perspectives.

Submissions are due by 15 November 2014, and should be submitted to tuftshistoricalreview@gmail.com.

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