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TLC meets Mondays at 9 PM in Eaton 202. We work to build community and solidarity between Tufts students and workers. Reach us at tuftslabor@gmail.com.

TLC is a Tufts student organization that promotes community and solidarity between students and campus workers by encouraging increased appreciation and interaction between the two groups. We believe that anybody contributing to Tufts should be respected and treated as a member of the community, and we advocate for dignified treatment of the individuals who make our Tufts experience what it is. We currently have three committees: Jumbo Janitors and Dining Hall Workers, Adjunct Action, and International Solidarity. We work on various campaigns as they are brought to our attention.

We hold worker appreciation dinners, raise awareness of worker issues on campus, and lobby the administration to improve conditions for all of those whose work benefits the Tufts community. All are welcome! We meet Mondays at 9 PM in Eaton 202 (location changes within Eaton between years). The best way to reach us is at tuftslabor@gmail.com. Come to a meeting or email us to get on the TLC e-list!

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