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TURBO is a breakdance/hip-hop crew and a student organization at Tufts University. We promote B-boy/hip-hop culture on campus and provide opportunities to those who want to start breaking/hip-hop and learn what it is all about.

TURBO was founded in the Fall of '98 by Kris Helenek, with its first official practice held in his suite in the Fall of '99. What started with four students grew to eight and then twenty, eventually forcing practices to be moved to Jackson Gym. Coordinating with a newly founded crew at BU and MIT's Imobilare, TURBO participated in battles throughout the following spring, eventually performing their first gig for Tufts in the Spring of '99 with TDC. From the Fall of '99 to the Spring of '02, Henry Kadson took the reigns at president, during which time he along with another member introduced TURBO's first ever own show, Turbomania, in the Spring of '01. Turbomania, a vision for sharing hip-hop culture with the Tufts community, featured emcee battles, DJ battles, and all sorts of breaking battles.

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