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Comprised of history majors and enthusiasts alike, Tufts History Society organizes discussions and other events about relevant and hilarious issues.

The purpose of the History Society is to create a productive community among students in history at Tufts University. The History Society is comprised of both history majors and history enthusiasts, with a proclivity to discuss and debate the collective memory of humanity. The society organizes trips, discussions, trivia and movie nights, revolving around relevant and often hilarious topics. The club is open to any history lover, ever. Advised by Professor David Proctor, triple Jumbo, focusing in Byzantine and early-modern European History.

Veronica Little - President/Supreme Despot
Veronica Little is from Parkland, Florida, but acts like she's from Miami. Extremely interested in historical conspiracy theories, she's dedicated her undergraduate education to the search for the real remains of James A. Garfield, who she claims lived well into the 1890s and is the true inventor of velcro. Veronica will major in philosophy to prepare herself for a career as a starbucks barista or hostess at PF Chang's (whichever pays better), but she ultimately plans to retire early and donate her estate to Temple Grandin, her childhood hero. Veronica lives in Lewis Hall and is in the process of getting adopted by Professor/Sorcerer David Proctor.

Nissa Koerner - Secretary/Trip Planner
Native to the People’s Republic of Berkeley, Nissa is a fan of coloring, hopscotch, and Napoleonic battle strategies. In addition to her addiction to the Most Popular Girls in School, Nissa can often be found crying over iced caramel coffee and her tumblr dashboard, or laying on the floor and whining #ThereAreVideos #LookItUp #Winning #LIFE. If you are interesting in crying over coffee with her, feel free to contact her at nissa.koerner@tufts.edu

Shea Maloney – Treasurer
Hailing from the beautiful town of Medfield, MA, Shea "Sheabraham Lincoln" Maloney is a girl who loves the simple things in life: assorted cheeses, Game of Thrones and impeccable lighting. Published in countless LOTR forums (where she writes a steamy fan-fiction about Gandalf and Dumbledore), Shea has written extensively about fictional and non-fictional history. A psychology and taxidermy double major, Shea believes in using every part of an animal – even the empty skull. With a penchant for vintage collectibles and heady references, Shea puts the dork in hist-dork-ory. Shea Maloney can be reached at m.shea.maloney@tufts.edu. Yes, her first name is really Mary, whatever, whatevs.

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