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Tufts' urban development student organization.

Welcome returning students and Class of 2018!

It's autumn semester in Boston once again. Before some of our favorite fall activities begin (and we all start diving head first into coursework), take a moment to check out what UP3 is working on this year. We are particularly excited to announce our subject of concentration for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Adolf Loos, an Austrian architect who in 1908 wrote the eternal words "form ever follows function," also remarked, "why is it that any architect, good or bad, desecrates the lake?" While Loos differentiated between the sacredness of the lake and the "rootless," limitless adaptability of the city, many urban residents understand built environments as sacred spaces too. One might argue that all development desecrates the existing value and character of a space, regardless of its quality. The loss of existing character may neither be good nor bad (as a new value may be uncovered), but it is a real and present phenomenon in a world that does not and cannot remain static.

How do we as architects, policy makers, community organizers, and planners create places that have cultural, economic, and social value? This fall, UP3 will begin exploring Places, Spaces, and Communities within the context of placemaking. While the term may quickly be entering the realm of overuse and meaninglessness within the planning field, placemaking as an act deserves attention in order to better understand the powers and consequences that are begotten by any type of investment.

During the fall and spring semesters, UP3 will hold weekly discussions on Tuesdays at 8pm. In addition, we hope to organize a series of lectures presented by members within and outside of the Tufts community. The initiative will culminate in a travel research project undertaken by UP3's core members in the spring semester.


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