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A Gospel Choir from Boston College

In the fall semester of the 1977 academic year at Boston College, a small group of black students, feeling the need to be closely connected in their new academic environment, congregated to encourage and support one another by singing the songs of their religious tradition and to give praise to almighty God. The students chose the name Imani, the Swahili word for faith, as the name for their group. In choosing the name Imani for their group, the students were recalling the lyrics of one of the great hymns of the black religious experience: “We’ve come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord, trusting in His holy word, He’s never failed us yet.” The repertoire of the group is reflective of this great faith tradition in that it includes the breadth of musical expression in the black worship experience, i.e., spirituals, traditional gospel, contemporary gospel, as well as music of the European tradition.
Membership in the organization is open to the entire student population and has become one of the most diverse groups at Boston College. The VOI host and take part in various concerts and performances on campus and around the Boston area. For the past several years the group has toured various parts of the country during the spring break period, including New York, Tennessee, Washington D.C. , Georgia, and Virginia.

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