My Name is Rachel Corrie

640 Commonwealth Avenue; Room COM 101
February 18.
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My Name is Rachel Corrie, taken from the original writings of Corri...

My Name is Rachel Corrie, taken from the original writings of Corrie and edited by Alan Rickman and Katherine Vine, chronicles the life of the American Peace Activist who traveled to Gaza in 2003 with the International Solidarity Movement to defend Palestinian homes from being demolished, to preserve their compromised water resources, and to establish a sister city relationship between Rafah and her hometown of Olympia, WA. She was crushed to death on March 16th 2003 by an Israeli bulldozer while protecting a host family’s home from being destroyed.

Ashley Malloy will be playing the role of Rachel Corrie in this one-woman show. She is a free lance actor/solo performer/writer/activist who describes herself as “someone who believes in the power of creative resistance.” She is committed to representing voices that have long gone unheard and strives to create work that reveals to us our astounding capacity for empathy that can transcend all cultural, sociological, and political barriers.

The performance will be followed by a 30 minute talkback that is intended to spark a larger discussion about the occupation and apartheid in general. Ashley will lead the discussion with probing questions about what we can do in situations that aren't immediate for us, and how we can prompt others to act to defend those they cannot see, in places they've never been.
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640 Commonwealth Avenue; Room COM 101


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